Skin breakouts known as acne is caused by an imbalance of hormones which can affect both men and women from puberty onwards. In most men it settles down completely more often than not, but in women it can be a life-long problem needing long-term care.

Blocked pores leading to blackheads, inflammation and pimples damage the self-esteem of young and old alike. But help is at hand. Intensive medical research has proved vitamin A to be the only molecule that can possibly cure or permanently control this common condition, leaving skin looking smooth, healthy and radiant again.

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Deep Cleansing Cool Peel

Our interpretation of the classic deep cleanse facial. This unique method of deep cleansing the skin is gentle in exfoliating the skin’s surface, yet effective in purifying and assisting to control the appearance of congested, breakout-prone skin. This unique, gentle peel helps to achieve visible improvements, leaving the skin looking radiantly healthy and refreshed.

Facial Bar

Deluxe includes Alginate Masque and Shoulder Massage

Blemish Control Cool Peel

This powerful cool peel therapy assists with the management of blemish prone, distressed skin, by purifying, cleansing and assisting to unclog pores and dissolve impurities. Our hero Environ treatment for problematic skin conditions with no down-time. Each week, the time and intensity of the cool peel cream is increased.

Suitable for Acne/Problematic skins prepared with Utopia Home care Plan. Recommended weekly for 6 weeks.

Deluxe includes Alginate Face Mask and Shoulder Massage This treatment is done in the treatment room

Dermalux Light Therapy

ED Phototherapy is the application of beneficial light to our skin to stimulate various cellular processes to produce a therapeutic effect. Dermalux uses evidence-based wavelengths delivered at a skin-enhancing intensity and dose to activate cellular renewal and repair, fuel the manufacture of collagen and elastin, reduce inflammation and destroy acne causing bacteria.

Dermalux stimulates cellular reactions, recharging the cells and energising them to heal quicker and rejuvenate faster, resulting in improved tissue repair and reduced inflammation.

Dermalux can be used on acne to kill acne bacteria. Active acne will be visibly reduced is a few treatment sessions an, with continued use, LED will prevent facial acne returning